CEO Strategy Lab

VIP Strategy Day

Our labs are a private space for the Chief Executive Officer to discuss, reflect on and ask the questions to gain broader insights over a one or two-day session.

Our commitment to you will be to share insights  and create a tailored strategy plan for your company to grow along with how to handle challenging business problems. 

 The Lab is the ideal setting for Executives to step outside of the day-to-day setting to work hands-on with LaDawn Townsend, CEO Advisor to leaders seeking to have profitable organizations that function on purpose and one they can leave a legacy for.

Some of Our Amazing Clients:

We have facilitated labs for over seven years with CEOs and Senior Executives teams in a wide range of industries.

What you will get out of the lab

The Lab can be customized to fit your needs if you bring your own agenda or prefer to select from one of our signature profit pillars we can support you. 

Through our signature process, we will outline a plan that will take the vision for the organization into an action plan with priority and measurement to make it a reality. Included in this will be:

  • Key watch items and risks to monitor 
  • An assessment of current-day priorities and activities to identify areas of revenue leakage and profit margin impact 
  • An Executive Leadership Team guide to keeping communication aligned and resolve executive burnout within the team as projects are in flight 
  • How to create a legacy and personal brand reputation for your role 

Why Should You Come to The Lab?

Have questions? We have answered. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. 

Yes. Strategy is not one size fits all and the Lab is customized to fit your needs. We will start with a virtual welcome call to outline the topics to cover over the one to two-day session.

You will receive a 45-minute follow up session to address any questions that you have during the implementation phase of the game plan that is created during The Lab.


Our Community of Strategy Day Clients

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Ben & Samantha Lagasee, Acadian Lawn Care, Florida (US)