Companies need to move like entrepreneurs

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When a former corporate executive evolves into an entrepreneur and fixer for organizations trust me there's a story to tell...

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Why should your company embrace an entrepreneurial spirit?

In short, it is the fastest path to increasing revenue, standing out in the market, and creating a company culture that sticks! And, changing the company culture isn’t only about employee morale it is also about creating sustainability in people, process, and profitability.

This past weekend I attended a business and marketing conference that I’ve gone to for nearly 5 years hosted by a mentor that has stretched me outside of my comfort zone (to put it mildly) for close to a decade. Every year when I return from the event I have the same takeaway. I’m not thinking big enough.

While the speakers took the stage, hip-hop music played and networking was happening fast and furious the missing element that I’ve seen in most companies came to mind like lightning in a bottle.

Companies need to move like entrepreneurs.

When employees are encouraged to and also have the structures in place to communicate their insights this is a massive WIN for the founder as employees on the front line have the freshest set of data needed to make important decisions. That feedback can include new offerings, gaps they’ve identified in the process, and genuine concerns they have about the future of the company (and how they can help).

However, this feedback is not always easy for leaders to receive. To lead a company that harnesses the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit for the good of the company (revenue gains and sustainability) and also the employees (a positive productive culture) starts at the top. But it can be hard to see the forest from the trees and plot a course on where to begin this game-changing transformation of your company when the day-to-day demands are paramount.

To change the company culture requires the Founder to step away to reflect, refresh and realign to what is important.

When the company WINS everyone wins!

This brings me back to the moment this past weekend when it was clear that even the goals I’ve set for my company aren’t big enough. 

Do we transform companies? Yes, our clients that experience a 130% increase in sales and the resolution of people performance issues that lead to process gaps are testaments to that. But, even in that work, there is another level to go and it is the secret to our client’s success.

It starts with leadership training through our signature VOS (Vision, Optimization & Strategy) Leadership Method. The transformation of a company begins with the transformation of its leaders. In short, when the leaders don’t evolve the company becomes stagnant, I will be sharing more insights about this in the days to come.

Here are a few signals that it is time for the next level of leadership training for your company:

  • Employees working in silos making process changes or decisions that impact another unit
  • Executives are putting out fires and working in a reactive mode versus proactively creating a strategy to move the company forward
  • Your mid-level managers & C-Suite team are not forward-thinking (How many workshops have you sent them to in the past year?)
  • The Founder or leadership team are the primary drivers of new revenue for the company (even though you have a sales team)

My family is from Texas and a familiar southern saying comes to mind that sums up the point when a Founder decides that the time for change has come, “you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

How’s your level of sick and tiredness?

In June I’m hosting a 3-day Founders Boardroom Beach Retreat in Santa Barbara for an intimate group of Founders that are at the helm of their organization and want to move the company forward to be productive, sustainable all while keeping what is important as its anchor. If this resonates with you join us June 20th – June 22nd to learn:

  • Creating a go-forward vision for your company that withstands any turbulent market
  • Coaching your employees to be leaders that bring innovative ideas to the table
  • Becoming the next level leader that you are called to be (both you and your company need this)
  • Identifying the mindset blocks around money and success that stops you from accelerating the business
  • Create a new personal relationship with money that you never have to say again ‘I want to invest but we can’t afford it.’
  • How to conquer decision fatigue at the executive level
  • The keys to having a more personal productive workday
  • The next-gen strategies for revenue growth and sustainability to navigate the marketplace during the continued COVID-19 crisis

To apply to be a part of this intimate group and join us for sunshine and sand in Santa Barbara visit

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