Depression, Anxiety & Stress Increasing for Employees

Humanity is at a breaking point, and it starts in the workplace. 

Over the past two years, the growing responsibilities placed on the shoulders of the C-Suite have rapidly morphed into demanding more time at work, a higher performance of their roles, and that of their teams. 

The pressure is immense. And the weight isn’t felt only in the top suite but throughout the organization. 

Jobs today are not business as usual and the heaviness of ensuring the company’s success is felt by employees at all levels contributing to stress, anxiety, and depression at all-time highs.

-CEOs depression rates are nearing double the national average 

-Stress and anxiety levels within Gen-Z and Millennials are remaining high

What does this lead to? What does this all mean?

To believe the age-old notion that operating (grind and hustle) on an empty cup is par for the course is contributing to the declining mental health of employees. We cannot be the leader we truly are meant to be if we lead from an empty cup. Our employees cannot meet the standards set for them by operating in this frame of mind as well. 

What empty’s the cup? 

  • Decision fatigue 
  • Not reaching revenue targets 
  • Low customer experience scores
  • Factors outside the home
  • High employee turnover 
  • Challenges within the home
  • Disbelief in your human potential 
  • Low employee morale 
  • And, so much more 

Something must change. And the change begins with us. 

After working with countless leaders over the past 20+ years in my career I know firsthand that there is always something or someone greater we want to be. A lesson I learned first-hand was the day I was wheeled out of my office and into an ambulance 

To become the greater version of who we are as leaders requires training, accountability, belief, and guidance. Growing as a professional is not only about being a next-gen super performer it is about being a holistic leader that walks, talks, and performs in the very things they believe in. I call this doing the things that are for the good of the individual and through this an impact can be made on the company. 

When we are walking out the physical manifestation of the highest version of ourselves only then can we contribute to the lives around us. Those lives are our family, friends, employees, co-workers, colleagues, and our government. 

Business can be a force for good and this only can happen when the leader is aligned to who they are called to be. To fulfill this calling isn’t easy but it is obtainable. 

What does it take to be a holistic leader? I often tell prospects that are inquiring about working with my team and I ‘a surgeon cannot operate on themselves’. Especially when the objections of cost, capacity, and timing come up in the conversation, and here is why. Every top player has a coach, and every sports franchise has experts on the roster to help the athletes on the field. Your company is not any different. 

Do you want to be the go-to expert in the industry for clients to come to and as a result increase market share? Is the high employee turnover rate or low team morale moved beyond a concern to now a red flag and the past action plans, all well intended, have not produced results? Do you feel stagnant in your position as a leader? You need to be ignited to your purpose; a coach can help with that but not just any coach the right one. 

As a strategist being a holistic leader is one of the key areas, I’ve trained my clients on for the past seven years. When you shift into this method of leadership it’s shining a light on the path needed to reach the targets set for the company and where you can enhance yourself professionally. 

Starting in January I’ll be working privately with 5 leaders for 90-days through our Leadership Acceleration program. A transformative program designed for CEOs and C-Suite executives to become the holistically aligned leader they are meant to be. Applications are currently being accepted and the candidates selected will be notified within the next two weeks. If this has resonated with you and you want to operate differently in 2022 to have different results, I invite you to apply today 

To learn more about what is included in the program schedule a time to speak with an adviser 

LaDawn Townsend is a CEO Advisor, International News Contributor, and Keynote Speaker with 20 years of experience working hands-on with decision makers to deliver strategies that create profitable and purpose driven companies.

She has been featured on KTN News and hosts Critical Conversations in the C-Suite on VOS Group TV. To learn more visit