Stepping Into Divinely Aligned Revenue


Stepping Into Divinely Aligned Revenue

Thursday, March 3rd 10AM EDT

For years reaching my revenue goals was a laborious task that lacked any resemblance of a pleasurable event in my life. I couldn’t understand why this was happening and to find the answer I would dive, headfirst into more training, workshops, and conferences all related to how to improve my sales skills.

However, improving my sales skills wasn’t the problem because I had replaced my executive income, moved to close six-figure corporate contracts and one of my most popular self-study courses was on Sales Mastery. So, why did I feel out of alignment with reaching my revenue targets if I had the skill and knowledge of how to sell? It was then that I learned that reaching a revenue target was more about being divinely aligned to my purpose and calling first and then the skill came secondary.

This is when selling and reaching my targets became enjoyable (and I exceeded the goals) and this is the moment your team can get on board with your revenue goals. 

Join me for a live 60-minute masterclass on “Stepping Into Divinely Aligned Revenue”. In this masterclass, I will share with you how I turned the act of reaching revenue goals into a pleasurable experience that can unlock even higher levels of financial success for you even if others are experiencing turbulence in your industry.