Innovative Changes for Profitability: Navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution

When: September  2nd – 3rd, 2021

Time: 10AM – Noon EST

Join us on September 2nd & 3rd for two panel sessions with industry experts to discuss the how companies need to position themselves during the fourth industrial revolution.  

Who Should Attend?


C-Suite Executives


What we will discuss?

People & Enhanced Technology: Sustaining a Team in a Hybrid Culture

This session will focus on how to navigate a human centric culture while leveraging more AI for your companies needs.

When: September 2nd 10AM – Noon EST

Hitting Targets: Revenue Growth in the New Digital Age

What are the key pillars that companies should focus on during a time of enhanced reliance on the internet of things (IoT), client privacy, and goals?

In this session hear from industry leaders on how meeting the revenue target has changed in the new digital age.

When: September 3rd 10AM – Noon EST

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