Female Founders Masterclass

A complimentary live masterclass for 7 & 8+ figure Female Founders

Charting the Road Ahead

Navigating the demands of the position you are called too

When: Thursday, March 17th 10AM CST (Virtual)

Some say you make reaching the 7-figure plus club look effortless but they don’t know about the long nights, early mornings and maybe even taking out a second mortgage on the house to get to where you are today.

They see you on major media, speaking on stages and receiving awards, and think that you must have it all figured out with your days being full of ease without conflict.

People may assume that your relationships, your marriage, and your children all are harmonious and everyone gets their fair share of one on one time with you.

They would assume this because they are on the outside looking in and you and I both know they are wrong.

The truth of the matter is, yes you get things done because you are a bad-mama-jamma when it comes to execution.

Yes! You take the stage and speak in interviews because you know that your voice amplifies a room to draw in more people to your movement.

And, yes relationships are important but in no way shape or form is it rainbow and butterflies all the time.

You’ve accomplished what you have in the face of adversity because you are built for the position you are in.

I see you. I understand you and this open letter is to you.

I’m LaDawn Townsend, a former bank executive with over twenty years of experience being a fixer for Corporate America who evolved into an entrepreneur after being downsized and opened the door for one of the greatest adventures of my life.

This happened during my phase in life of accepting that I had become a woman of a particular age with no plan b, no savings, a 401k in name only, I struggled with the onset of gray hairs and a battle with my weight that seemed as if I would never win.

This sounds like the perfect time to launch my consulting firm right? Yes, my thoughts exactly and that is what I did. Eight trying and keeping the faith-filled years later I grew my firm the VOS Group to serve international corporate clients in India, West Africa, and the US. I did this with horrible branding, a mountain-size fear of sales, and no traditional funding.

But, my story isn’t very different from yours. We all have had to overcome something to see our dream fulfilled. My guiding compass from day one of being a female founder was this:

“I believe everything is possible for me”

The “everything’’ is whatever I desire for my life. And, to be honest, in the beginning, I just wanted to be able to sit in the morning to enjoy my coffee without answering my blackberry or hearing the lovely chirp, more like nails on a chalkboard, of new emails flooding into my inbox at a rapid pace.

The skills that we learn in corporate America can only serve us to a certain point. It isn’t until you hit the ground running as an entrepreneur that you earn your degree in ‘managing turbulence in business’.

"Exceeded Our Expectations"

Nicole Pitsinos Dir. of Marketing BVLGARI North America (USA & Rome)

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"She helped us see our areas of strength"

Liz Whitaker, CFO T. Whitaker Company (USA)

  • You’re at a point now you feel like you have limited time for everything and you are pulled in a million directions
  • Being the face of your brand is something that you could go without, you know it’s needed but would love it if someone else could take the wheel
  • Your mid-level managers are underperforming and there is a lack of talent in your C-Suite team
  • Employees at all levels lack a vision of how to execute their role and don’t understand the direction the company is going (even after multiple staff meetings)
  • You need to refresh your team by letting go of those, well-intentioned, but underperforming employees
  • For some of you bringing on investors is not something you are sold on and for others of you you are overextended in investors and to be honest, they are crowding your space
  • Your team is busy and it appears they are doing a good job but systems and structures need to be enhanced and no one has the time
  • You feel like the business has become a drain and you need true support, people that have your back not just in words but in the actions they take

If you had the space and time to step away from the day-to-day to think of a strategic plan that allows for the creative genius within you to come front and center with a viable solution in tow.

However, time isn’t on your side, and what I always tell my clients “even Serena Williams has a coach!”

Join me on Thursday, March 17th at 10AM CST for the “Charting the Road Ahead” a live masterclass for 7 & 8 + figure female founders.

In this 60-minute masterclass you will learn:

  • Coaching mid-level managers & your C-Suite to be visionary leaders and executors of their role
  • Why next-gen companies are purpose and not revenue driven 
  • The gaps to look for that reveal you are not charging enough for your product or service 
  • How to remove the guilt of letting go of underperforming employees
  • And more…

This masterclass will be live and has limited seating. To secure your seat apply today. 

“She helps us to think differently about our business”

A southern California native, LaDawne is a Strategic Advisor and CEO of the VOS Group where together with her team they grow your bottom line. Her client base reaches across the US into the UK, India, Africa and is currently expanding into the Middle East and Asia.

With over twenty years of hands on experience and a featured contributor on International Business news channels she has delivered results to Fortune 100 companies and the solutions have resulted in:

  • 50% reduction in operating expenses
  • Save $1.1 million in annual payroll
  • 47% improvement in logistics operations and shipping time frames

She is trained in Six Sigma Green Belt process improvement and Technology Project Management, delivering quantifiable results for her clients. Her career started when, growing up, she worked along side her family in their business.

After surviving a major corporate layoff of not only herself, but her bosses and co-workers, she is passionate about working with business owners to increase the revenue in their business and streamline processes to create a stable foundation that deepens the customer base so the company can avoid ‘lay-off’ trap.