Founders Mastermind

Founders Mastermind

Let's talk open and honestly about what you are looking for...

You have built a successful business & now you need the mental space to consciously think through and lean into the pivot your soul is calling you into with a no nonsense expert to guide you

You want to be in a position to coach your team to meet the revenue goals while you are working in flow & keeping what is sacred a priority. The days of working while exhausted, physically and mentally need to be left behind.

Let's be honest... you've worked with 'experts' to only be left with a binder of theories. What you need is a straight talk no chaser strategic insights that apply to what you are dealing with today

Community of not only like-minded but business owners aligned to their purpose

A space that you can be YOU outside of your influence, the brand, the money and be supported

A business that you can spend quality, turning off the phone, time with your loved ones, and a guilt free self-care day

Have a company that supports you and doesn’t leave you feeling drained

Have a staff committed to the company vision while producing quality, consistent work

To be known as the go-to expert in your industry while making a MASSIVE impact

To accomplish this requires a new dimension of being a CEO & to step into divinely aligned revenue...

"Exceeded Our Expectations"

Nicole Pitsinos Dir. of Marketing BVLGARI North America (USA & Rome)

LaDawn Townsend, CEO, Founder & Strategist

“She helps us to think differently about our business”

A southern California native, LaDawn is a Strategic Advisor and CEO of the VOS Group where together with her team they grow your bottom line. Her client base reaches across the US into the UK, India, Africa and is currently expanding into the Middle East and Asia.

With over twenty years of hands on experience and a featured contributor on International Business news channels she has delivered results to Fortune 100 companies and the solutions have resulted in:

  • 50% reduction in operating expenses
  • Save $1.1 million in annual payroll
  • 47% improvement in logistics operations and shipping time frames

She is trained in Six Sigma Green Belt process improvement and Technology Project Management, delivering quantifiable results for her clients. Her career started when, growing up, she worked along side her family in their business.

After surviving a major corporate layoff of not only herself, but her bosses and co-workers, she is passionate about working with business owners to increase the revenue in their business and streamline processes to create a stable foundation that deepens the customer base so the company can avoid ‘lay-off’ trap.

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Founders Mastermind is the ultimate support system for Founders that want to step into divinely aligned revenue and success

01. Start Off Strong

Private Onboarding 2-Hour Virtual Strategy Session

Our journey starts with a private 2-hour strategy session. This virtual session is the perfect setting to discuss, reflect on and ask the questions to gain broader insights and create a game plan for the year ahead. 

02. Engage & Grow

Weekly Group Strategy Sessions (Monthly)

Three times a month we will meet in our secure virtual Mastermind room as a group for the  90-minute interactive strategy group session. In the session we will cover topics fundamental to your company and your personal growth as a founder. 

03. Strategy & Implementation

Private Virtual Strategy Sessions (6 Meetings)

An important part of our work together is the  strategic elements for your business along with the growth of you as the leader. In the private strategy sessions, we will dive into those areas along with stepping into the evolution of your money story.

This evolution is key as your relationship with money can accelerate or derail the future success and life that you desire.

You are provided six 60-minute sessions to schedule at your convenience throughout our year together. 

04. Boardroom Retreats

Luxury Retreats to Refresh & Reset

Refreshing and refocusing are essential elements in a CEO’s tool-kit and even more so when you are guiding your company towards growth. 

As a part of our proven process of working with leaders we have found that retreats are among our secret formula. You will receive three 2-day luxury retreats including a influencer dinner to meet other leaders making an impact in their industry. 


West Virginia


*Due to potential travel restrictions the locations are subject to change

Hotel and travel accommodations are not included 

05. Guest Experts

Insights from Leaders

Throughout the mastermind hear from  guest experts from within our network of clients and colleagues.  

06. Resource Library

Strategy On Demand

As a member of the Founders Mastermind, you will also get lifetime access to our CEO resource library. The library contains self-study courses in topics ranging from Sustainable Scaling, Employee Performance Standards, Annual Strategy Planning, Money Mastery for Business Owners, and more. (a $20,000 value)

What people are saying...

Aniket Deb CEO & Co-Founder & Tarun Suni, Director Bizongo (India)

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Amanda Abella, CEO & Founder & Creator of  Make Money Your Honey (US)

LaDawn is able to focus on the big picture while not losing sight of the related smaller (yet still important) items. I could not recommend LaDawn more highly!
Tom Helock
Vice President, Process Engineer - Consumer Banking Strategy and Transformation, Wells Fargo
LaDawn is a bright, a quick learner, a fantastic problem solver, and a great team player. She always focussed on what was important and got things done. I loved her perspective on issues and her positive attitude that were a big part of our team success. I highly recommend LaDawn as a Project Manager, Strategist, and Leader.
Preema Lewis
Sr. Manager, Retail Commerce & Digital Experience, Apple
We support the VOS Group!
Dave Rudd
Chief Financial Offcer, i5 Services