Leading with Intuition: A Lesson from Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely is more than inspiration she is a innovator with $5,000, a transformational product and passion is how Sara Blakely took her company Spanx to stellar success. 

An additional element to her winning formula is how she makes the tough decisions that are needed to guide the company forward. In a recent Forbes article Blakely, a long-standing member of the Billionaires Club, shares “I have run this business, I’ve run my life, very, very connected to intuition, which we all have. It’s an inner knowing,”

This inner knowing is what led her to play her cards close and keep a very tight circle around Spanx, including not allowing in outside investors until the time was right. Blakely’s keen insights and business savvy are what have been the driving force behind a company now valued at over $1 billion with Blackstone purchasing majority shares in October. 

What’s next for Blakely? She remains a minority percentage owner in Spanx and for anyone, like myself, who has heard her speak on stage we know that there is even greater coming from this powerhouse. The next level of success that she has achieved is an inspiration to women on what is possible for all of us. 

So, let me ask you. What’s next for you? 

The market is prime for those with the expertise to provide tangible results for others to obtain it. And as established women business owners this is a moment in time to position yourself to expand the profit margin while leading your company with purpose. 

Clients want to know your purpose. 

If we have learned anything over the past 18-24 months, it is that the decision-makers of today seek more transparency from those they do business with. The best way to show this is by getting crystal clear on the purpose of your organization today, and moving forward, which may have changed since you launched that first idea from your kitchen table.

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