Private Advisory

Private Advisory

Private Advisory for the Discerning Founder

You need more than a consultant

And here is why...

LaDawn Townsend, CEO & Founder

“LaDawn, we just invested in three consultants in the past year and I’m staring at binders full of instructions on what we should do. The Board doesn’t even want to hear the word Consultant again. 

How can we get them to change their mind so that we can work with you?”

Unfortunately, I hear this statement a lot. 

The meaningful investment a company makes into a resource that they feel certain will provide the answers to fix the pain points the company is facing. Now, find themselves with a shelf full of three-ring binders with pages full of analysis, case studies all while missing the key element the company needed. 

An out-of-the-box approach to transformation. 

Transformation can take place in many shapes and forms. 

  • For some companies, it is recovering lost revenue from a bad fiscal year
  • For others, it is expanding into new markets 
  • While some require an overall of key Executive roles
  • And, others do not know where to begin (and are open to discovering what to do next).

Guiding Executives along the fast-paced waters of transformation requires an expert that can not only see what’s coming on the road ahead, how to navigate it, and more importantly how to position the company for sustainable growth. 

When companies hire consultants they are typically attempting to solve one pain point within the organization and if that is not resolved with a solution for the overall ecosystem the gaps within one area will spread to the next. 

"They Brainstorm With Us On The Progress We Have Made Together"

Aniket Deb CEO & Co-Founder & Tarun Suni, Director Bizongo (India)

Our private advisory service is designed to fit the needs of a Founder

In this exclusive offering, you will receive private direct support for you in a package tailored to meet the needs of your company and can include 6 to 12-months of direct support.

A fresh experience to the traditional advisory model that doesn't just think outside the box we create a entirely new one.

Due to the in-depth and hands on work we provide in this level of service the Private Advisory club of clients is limited to only a few select spots each fiscal year. We invite you to apply today for consideration.