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When a former corporate executive evolves into an entrepreneur and fixer for organizations trust me there's a story to tell...

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Hi, I'm LaDawn

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take… our freedom!” – Mel Gibson (Braveheart)

“Do, or do not. There is no “try” – Yoda (Star Wars)

“It’s what you do right now that makes a difference.” –Struecker (Black Hawk Down).

I’m a HUGE movie fan. I love how the story comes to life on the screen, it is a work of art and these are just a few of the famous quotes that every time I hear them they stir my soul with inspiration (and to take action).

And, there’s one more…

“Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn’t mean they’re lost forever.”–Professor X (X Man)

This one hits home the hardest because I can think back to the many (many) times that I felt I had lost my path in business. Let’s be honest. We have all been there a time or two. The stumble isn’t failure it is a call to either realign back to the path or to forge a new one.

“Sometimes in life, we have to turn onto another highway to discover that was a part of our journey all along” – LaDawn Townsend (Strategic Advisor)

After working with business leaders for over twenty years, eight of which have been a part of my firm, one thing always occurs.

They encounter a moment. A moment appears that a decision needs to be made that can transform the future of the organization. When this moment appears the first thing to do isn’t to create a strategic map or have a discussion with your financial advisor on what are the pros and cons of making this move.

It requires a check-in with your gut.

Your gut (instinct, intuition, internal compass) is the one team member you should never doubt. It was there with you as you sat at your kitchen table or in your garage when you first had the idea to start this business. It is there with you when an expert tells you to pivot left and you know to go right. It is also there when you know something needs to change for the betterment of the business and for your sanity.

When is the last time you checked in with your gut? As companies scale it can become easy move into a more mature and seasoned approach of decision making. How’s that working for you? Do you feel even more confused after these “mature sessions” than when you first started the process? Are you left with more questions than answers and the silent lump in your throat that you are losing time and leaking money at the same time all in an effort to answer the questions you need?

The first step to stop the roller coaster of red tape decision-making in your organization is to go back to basics. To go back to basics start with asking yourself these questions.

What is the goal of your organization? How we will make a significant impact in the lives of the clients we serve? Or, are we here just to make money?

There isn’t anything wrong with making money if the purpose tied to it isn’t aligned to the ego. I’ll share with you a personal goal I have and that is to create a community for single mothers and fathers to live, learn and grow into the purpose they’re called to while being able to positively contribute to the society. This will require money and henceforth a higher revenue goal.

What is your back to basics moment? As you explore remember that a surgeon cannot operate on themselves. Even Serena Williams has a coach to help her hone her craft.

I want you to be the Serena Williams of your industry and I want to be your coach.

Starting May 1st I will be working privately with a group of 8 founders in a luxury one-year mastermind complete with private, group support and three 3-day boardroom retreats.

The mastermind comes complete with:

  • Group & private strategy sessions
  • Guest experts
  • 3 boardroom retreats in luxurious locations (Palm Beach, Honolulu, and West Virginia)
  • Lifetime access to our CEO resource on-demand library (a $20K value)
  • Onboarding private strategy session

Applications are being accepted. To learn more visit www.ladawntownsend.com/founders

And remember, it’s time to take the mountain!

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