The organizations we work with share our business beliefs and at the top of that list is a commitment that we build long-term relationships and not just transactions.

Our Business Beliefs 

The clients that my team and I work with come from an array of industries within the United States, India, West Africa the UK, and Asia and we are building bridges to reach new countries every day. Our work starts with creating the vision for the organization, this is beyond a mission statement or pop culture phrase of the moment, it is the very anchor on which all decisions are made in the business. With this firm footing in place, we move into developing a non-cookie cutter
strategy to address the clients' needs. 

Her ability to identify the root causes of critical problems that negatively impacted our Retail Banking area led to projects that not only improved operational performance, but more importantly significantly improved customer experience. 

"able to focus on the big picture while not losing sight on smaller items"

- Tom Helock
Former Vice President, Process Engineer - Consumer Banking Strategy and Transformation, Bank of America (US)

The VIP Day with LaDawn has helped me immensely.
I feel like I have my life back! 

"The advice she gives is the real stuff"

- Nargis Cross, Photographer & Business Coach (UK)

Working with LaDawn was not only powerful but enlightening. She has an amazing way of seeing the potential in each system and a unique talent for seeing the holes in the system" 

"Powerful &

- Noor Hibbert, Best selling Author, TedEx Speaker & Business Coach (UK)