The Exhale Every Leader Must Do Before 2022

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When a former corporate executive evolves into an entrepreneur and fixer for organizations trust me there's a story to tell...

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In the US this week many are celebrating the Thanksgiving Day holiday and looking forward with excitement to more holidays in December. I’m preparing to join my family at Disney World Orlando for a time of laughter, relaxation and from what I understand a lot of walking. As I close the office early, I couldn’t help but to pause for a moment at my desk.
As I paused a deep inhale followed by a full body exhale came over me.
This wasn’t a stress relief exercise this was a moment of complete thankfulness. A rare but needed moment that I’m glad came today and not during a New Year’s journaling exercise of ‘what are you most grateful for from this past year’.
Here are a few things I’m thankful for and felt led to share with you:
  • After a year of extreme turbulence watching colleagues and clients alike close their business or downsize employees, I’m thankful that VOS is moving forward with innovative ways to serve our clients and the global community of leaders 
  • The team has pulled together and pushed through the past 18 months of pivots and process changes to get our message out into the market while supporting clients
  • As painful as it was to watch COVID-19 interrupt our lives, to personally have friends and colleagues struggle to recover from the infection the silver lining in this black cloud was the forced pause it provided to reevaluate what I need as a person (and moreover as a CEO)
My list goes on with another dozen items that would full up this virtual page but my point of sharing this is to encourage you to ask yourself this one question.
What was your silver lining in the past 18-24 months?
Was it spending more time with your children? Waking up to the fact that balance is needed between work and personal life? What is your silver lining? And more importantly, what do you not want to move into 2022 with?
Add this question to your traditional end of year activities of completing the budget, creating the growth plan and ear marking which employees to promote (or downsize) come the first of the year. I’m never surprised when I work with CEOs and review their carefully crafted game plan for the next year to find that the leadership development, they need is often excluded from the top ten priority items to fund. I spoke about this in episode #2 of the Leader podcast released earlier this week. If you haven’t caught it you can listen on Spotify or watch on YouTube
Keep this question in mind ‘what do you not want to move into 2022 with’ as you wrap up the end of the year. The answer you may find is challenging at first which means you are on the right track. I would love to hear your answer. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or email me here 
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