The Movie That Set Me Free From Limiting Beliefs

I was spiraling 

My life was functionally dysfunctional

Every morning I would awake feeling like I was gasping for air  

And, every night my soul would be entrapped with aches that no medicine could cure 

I longed for the day that I would start living life

The walls of my work cubicle would be filled with photos of all the places I longed to visit one day. To take in the sights that only the Eiffel Tower could bring to standing in the halls of royalty in Buckingham Palace to exploring museums in Cairo, this was a part of the life I dreamed of. At the time I was working in corporate America with a nice allowance of annual vacation time but I never took the time off to travel to the very destinations that became my cubicle companions.

I needed to go when the time was aligned and I was a different person 

Even though I wasn’t sure how I would make the shift and turn my days from what they were into a life lived in the living color of every expression I was holding inside. I stayed focused on what could be and not what wasn’t. It was around this time that a movie came out, and as being a movie fan (I have super level status at Alamo Drafthouse and AMC Theaters) I marked the release date in my planner, and off I went to the show on one Friday night. 

The movie was ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ and it saved my life. 

In the movie, Ben Stiller plays Walter Mitty, a dependable, honorable employee of a large corporation and for over a decade has performed his job with excellence while taking great care for the tasks assigned to him. This I could relate to greatly. Throughout the movie, don’t worry I won’t give away the ending, he tends to ‘zone out’. What appears to others as a drift in thought is what our heroic character does to envision what he would do differently in situations if he had the courage. I can relate to this as well very deeply. 

Luckily throughout the movie, Walter discovers his inner strength and musters up the courage to change his life. This intrigued me. During one scene in the movie, Walter had to get on a helicopter to continue his journey (trust me I’m not giving away the movie there is a ton more for you to enjoy) and he decided not to. What happened next was nothing but pure courage. 

As the helicopter started to take off our hero ran, with his briefcase in hand, and jumped inside just in time to catch the ride that would take him to the next venture of his life.

This is the part that floored me. 

As I sat in the theater that one moment stayed with me, so much so that I don’t remember much of the rest of the movie and had to recently rewatch it to see how my perspective of the movie is today versus before. The movie still floors me and in the best of ways.

The message I took away then and now was that the life we want to live is right in front of us but for ultra project planner personalities (I’m raising my hand here) we try to plan the moment our breakthrough occurs instead of going with the flow. 

To live in flow takes great courage 

To be courageous takes knowing who you are at the deepest most intimate level 

To know yourself takes a deep, raw and transparent act of self-love 

Knowing and walking in this purpose is what sets apart those in business that have successful companies from those that have a purpose-driven and profitable company. 

What Walter and I did not know was that nearly a year later I would be downsized from my executive position at a Fortune 500 bank and thrust into the world of being an entrepreneur. My journey of building my company over the past seven years has had many ‘jumping into helicopter’ moments, it has shaped who I am, what I do and the support I give to business leaders. 

What will be your helicopter moment in 2022? 

Everyone will have one regardless of whether they choose to or not and that is because of the world that we now live in and the changes that have holistically occurred to businesses. Are you ready for it? Is your team ready for it?

If your answer is yes, however, you have set a non-negotiable goal to scale your business, make an impact on the industry you serve, receive the next level of financial reward you are deserving of without overwhelm I say to you well done and we are kindred spirits. 

The first few years in my business I led heavily with focusing on the systems, structures, and all the things that I thought a business owner was supposed to do. In this process, I’m thankful for the clients I worked with, the revenue I made, and the places I traveled to but even after being featured on the news something didn’t fully satisfy me. 

I believe sustainable scaling without having you at your wit’s end can be a reality because I’ve lived in both worlds. 

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As you move throughout your week, believe that more is available and waiting for you.

Believing with you, 

Photo courtesy of Iceland Review