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A Trip Down
Memory Lane

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The moment:

At the height of my executive career, amongst all of the moving, shaking, and climbing the corporate ladder I lost my footing, my anchor that set the course of boundaries for my life had been swept away. And, who was the culprit? Who was the villain that brought stress & anxiety into my life? 

It was me. And the catalyst was the day on my corporate job that I was wheeled out of my office (in front of customers & employees) into an ambulance and off to the Emergency Room. 


It All Started With a Trip To The Emergency Room...

Here's to the memories:

“LaDawn, we have to let you go”
Sounds shocking, doesn’t it? But, wait there is more. They laid off the entire department. That was the call that I received in November 2014 that ended my twenty-year career in Corporate America and my first company the VOS Group was birthed. After being laid off I gave my business a full force best effort, I received 35 rejection letters from banks in under 6 months in my attempt to get funding. The second rejection was that no one seemed interested in my consulting services. 

Do I give up or do I press ahead? I pressed onward embracing the silence of the unknown but holding fast to one truth. Being a business owner is my divine purpose and in that I will not fail. 


A 20-year corporate career was canceled in under a minute. 

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Ego has to go:

Fresh off of a lay-off, zero prospective clients and the lovely recipient of 35 declines for finding I went back into corporate America while building my business every waking hour I could. I was blessed to work for one of the most innovative companies on the planet!

But this time working for someone else was different. I committed myself to build the leadership discipline and strategy to grow the revenue in my business.

Guess what? It happened and the ride of a lifetime was about to begin. 


The road to building a business isn't for the faint of heart...

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Let's do this:

The day I found myself staring at the Emergency Room ceiling is always a day that remains with me. It was the catalyst to push me out of my comfort zone and into the world of the unknown, a road I never regret taking.

As my business started to grow it became clear that what leaders needed more than strategy was community and to step away from the day-to-day business to refresh and reset. 2017 brought working privately with clients and hosting live events, the secret sauce of how my team and I transform companies.

2017 & 2018

Executive income replaced & summit in Miami

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The years ahead brought more stages to speak on, international prime-time news interviews and the 
first international business trip to work with clients in India. An amazing city bursting with massive potential and growth in the coming years. 

Check out my interview on KTN News 

2018 - 2019

International corporate clients & stages

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The pause:

As the world was brought nearly to a full stop we made profitable pivots to our offerings to meet the new demands of our clients. Along with this we enhanced the experience for our community by launching a talk show for business leaders on Youtube.

This added to our nearly 100 video library and for the first episode I had the honor of interviewing the founders of Barefoot Wines. 


As the world paused leaders recalibrated...

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Watch the interview 

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New levels:

Stepping away from the office and in a space that can bring about new innovative ideas while also receiving the support from my team and I has been the secret sauce to what we do. 

The new experiences we have planned for our clients include retreats, live events (those are back!), private advisory and the launch of the Townsend Institute. 


Launching luxury experiences

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What are you believing for? Is it a goal so big that it even makes you nervous to imagine pulling it off. One of my favorite quotes says "Time is not given to anyone". 

I'm not special. I'm person that went through extraordinary challenges and has been blessed to accomplish extraordinary things. 

What can I help you with? 

"She believed she could and so she did"

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