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I’m a trusted advisor to global leaders, an international news contributor, former fortune 500 bank executive and a corporate fixer.  I understand the pressure you face and, this is the destination you have been looking for.

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Others want your position but you know they can’t take the pressure…

The book you read & the workshop you attended didn't turn the dial. Others may say they want your role but you and I both know the pressure that accompanies the title, stock options, media appearances, and what seems like "the life" to others is more than most can bear.  You are the person tasked with leading the organization out of the storm and into safe harbor, not just on one occurrence but to keep watch every time.

What does this require?

It requires your decades of experience being a master negotiator. You could write a book on critical communication skills or how to turn an organization from downsizing employees to the upswing in fiscal gain. But, you know something more is available for you. You desire to leave a legacy in your role and to make a bigger impact on the industry you serve.

I've delivered strategies to...

You are the person in the position.

you're in the right place

Created a plan to help us clear the hurdles in our way. 

"SHE Exceeded our Expectations"

- Nicole Pitsinos Dir. of Marketing BVLGARI North America (USA & Rome)

Leadership Lab Luxury Experience

Are you in a position of power? Do you want to be seen as a change agent and the in-house go-to expert? The Leadership Lab Luxury Experience takes you outside of the boardroom and into a setting to transform as a leader. This is what you have been looking for. 

Recalibrate organizations

TRANSFORMING organizations from the inside out

Where the intersection of leadership, people and strategy meet to create an accelerated force to propel organizations into thriving and not just surviving. Recalibrate Organizations  is the ultimate white-glove strategy service for established organization ready to break out of the norm. 

The Executive Suite

The ultimate level of support for leaders in position of power, pressure & authority that want to be the go-to expert in their space in a private advisory engagement to work alongside myself and the Recalibrate Team

hello there.

I’m LaDawn,
it all started with a trip to the emergency room

After surviving a department wide-layoff that ended my twenty-year plus executive career in Corporate America I launched my strategic advisory firm to fulfill two commitments. The first is to help leaders never have to use laying off employees to even out the budget and make the Board of Directors happy. Secondly, and most importantly, to help those leaders embrace a healthy relationship with wealth (the hidden driver of all business decisions).

confidant, strategist, speaker, lover of luxury, world traveler & Bookworm.

We love her enthusiasm. LaDawn & flexibility in providing everything we needed.

"They came out with flying colors"

- Aniket Deb CEO & Co-Founder & Tarun Suni, Director Bizongo (India)

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When leaders are looking for a straight talk with no chaser or fluff they tune into the LaDawn Townsend podcast. Full of humor, wisdom, guest experts, and the occasional walk around town you don't want to miss an episode. 

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The word on the street is that I drop gems in the journal. Grab your pen, paper or digital note taking device and come on in.  New posts coming soon.

 Changing of the Old Guard masterclass

For experienced Founders, C-Suite, Senior Executives & Leaders.

How experienced leaders recalibrate to remain relevant